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Henry Pan avatar
Henry Pan🏅 900

Co-founder @AIoTags, Global IoT Lost & Found Protection

Taipei, Taiwan
Formal founder @ QQ Works, Director @ TutorABC, Internet Brands. Best connecting resources to generate new business opportunities.
Jeffrey Cheng avatar
Jeffrey Cheng🏅 900

VP at YoWealth Management. I help your startup get funded & to the next level.

Taipei, Taiwan
15 years experience in the tech industry including startups mentorship, growth hacking, sales / biz dev, product and project management, and digital marketing.
Daniel Hill avatar
Daniel Hill🏅 900

Bodybuilding World Champion, Water Technology Inventor and Founder

Taipei, Taiwan
Former spokesperson for international nutraceutical companies throughout a career as a professional athlete. Passionate for water, nutrition and Aquaceuticals. Holder of multiple water technology patents in the areas of Functional Hydration
Xuan Yue Hong avatar
Xuan Yue Hong🏅 900

Founder at Flyingcrazyer , learning experience design and product mapping

Taipei, Taiwan
Education product maker. infographic designer
Josh C.C. Kuo avatar
Josh C.C. Kuo🏅 900

Co-founder & COO of MAKAR, an AR/VR Builder, No-code Platform.

Taipei, Taiwan
Serial entrepreneur with a background in Tech, Ph.D candidate of Institute of Technology Management, National Chiao Tung University, and Fellowship of HEA, UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher education.
Jay Chen avatar
Jay Chen🏅 900

Innovator at Avalanche Computing

Taipei, Taiwan
Entrepreneur with a background in Deep Learning and Big data system. Now, I am founder of Avalanche Computing Taiwan Inc. We speedup the AI development and provide the most simple way to deploy AI model at scale. Reach out if we can help.
Daniel Capelle avatar
Daniel Capelle🏅 900

Managing Director, Synkun

Waterloo, Canada
Focused on venture building, by investing in startups and assisting on international business development. Former EMEA, APAC, North America sales director for Moshi.
Kevin Chiang avatar
Kevin Chiang🏅 900

Founder & CEO of dp smart technology

Taipei, Taiwan
Serial entrepreneur, great success and then failed at first startup, building the 360° live streaming camera Rogy360 at 2nd startup and aiming to be the number one brand in the world at panaromic live streaming. Rogy - Return to Glory!
Archer Chiang avatar
Archer Chiang🏅 900

CEO & Founder at Giftpack

New York City, United States
A serial entrepreneur, product designer and a software engineer.
Kai-Tse Lin avatar
Kai-Tse Lin🏅 900

Cofounder and COO at Bellwether Industries (UK) and Bellwether Aerospace (TW).

Tainan City, Taiwan
Started the business in London, the UK, I have dived in urban air mobility for years and aimed for creating something that's going to bring 3-dimensional transport a reality.
Chih-Heng Kwan avatar
Chih-Heng Kwan🏅 900

BD Manager at Fitgames

Taipei, Taiwan
A business leader who supported for multiple startups in Taiwan and China. Best placed to help teams grow from 5 to 50 employees.
Austin Lo avatar
Austin Lo🏅 900

Co-Founder & CEO at AR One Inc.

Taipei, Taiwan
Our mission is to provide enterprise clients a SaaS that create their own AR application in just one minute & dollar, and does not require any IT or AR expert or development team.
Allen Sun avatar
Allen Sun🏅 900

Just a curious mind | Be a Noah, not just a trend-spotter

Taipei, Taiwan
I dream of a world that everyone is literally his or her own boss, that everyone does not have to stick to one job with fear, that if he or she is tired, just log off and re-charge. Form your ideal team for your next project, and game on.
Chien Ju (Pong) Peng avatar
Chien Ju (Pong) Peng🏅 900


Taipei, Taiwan
Bootstrapped founder working on mental wellness app. Former launching member@Didi chuxing&Ofo. Passionate about mental wellness, coliving, sprituality and art.
Veronica Chung avatar
Veronica Chung🏅 900

Co-founder at AIPHAS, which provides the fastest & easiest smart ward solution

Taipei City, Taiwan
With backgrounds from buy-side, sell-side, and start-up experiences, I am grateful to have a startup of my own.
From Dec. 2019 since AIPHAS started, we've built connections with 6+ hospitals within the first 6 months. Reach out if I can help :)
Paolo Joseph Lising avatar
Paolo Joseph Lising🏅 820

Author | Startup Taiwan: Foreigners Business Guide

Taipei, Taiwan
ex-VP of Rayliant Global Advisors. Award-winning business journalist. Taiwan startup community builder. Let's get you on top of SEO search.
Ian Huang avatar
Ian Huang🏅 820

Founder of Folko / LSD

Taipei, Taiwan
Folko is a platform enabling traveler to communicate by their journey.
Jade Liao avatar
Jade Liao🏅 820

CEO & Co-founder at Mishkan Limited

Taichung, Taiwan
Former Investment Manager of a Hong Kong-based venture capital fund. Currently a newbie entrepreneur working on an AI/ ML project.
Paul Hsu avatar
Paul Hsu🏅 820

We are the 2021 -49th team that support US combating with COVID-19 in EUA-BARDA.

Tainan City, Taiwan
Very important : RF & computer system is the same withyour body in keeping good performance of quantum.
10 years as doctor of RF & computer system .
17 Years in Medical treatment Innovation and clinical trials in cancer patients.
Mike Liou avatar
Mike Liou🏅 820

Founder & CEO at GoGo Spirit

Taipei, Taiwan
Bootstrapped founder working on cocktail mobility initiatives. Interested in several fields not limited to F&B, mostly B2C. Happy to expand my personal network.
Robin Liu avatar
Robin Liu🏅 820

Founder and CEO of Travlog

Taipei, Taiwan
Founder and CEO of Travlog. Experienced angel investor for a year, now starting up my own career.
Richard Lee avatar
Richard Lee🏅 820

Founder and CEO @ Crypto-Arsenal

Hsinchu, Taiwan
Bootstrapping Founder on Automated SaaS Crypto-Trading Platform. 18+ industry experiences and worked as management officers in ST-Ericsson, Quartics and ITRI.
William Sjahrial avatar
William Sjahrial🏅 820

Cofounder and CTO at Port Remote Travel

Taipei, Taiwan
Cofounder and CTO at Port, early-stage startup helping people travel remotely via live video calls with remote guides around the world. We're currently bootstrapped and looking for pre-seed funding.
Lex Wang avatar
Lex Wang🏅 820

An entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, founder of ccdm, an angel investor.

Taipei, Taiwan
An entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, founder of ccdm, an angel investor. Specialied in Corporate Entrepreneurship, Market Validation and Design Management.
Chingyen Chang avatar
Chingyen Chang🏅 820


Taipei, Taiwan
A passionate entrepreneur who is working-hard and drinking-hard. In a good way though :) Loving hanging out with people and building things!
STARTBOARD Taiwan🏅 810

Business Deputy Director at STARTBOARD

Taipei, Taiwan
STARTBOARD is a startup incubator that specializes in helping startups and companies establish or expand their businesses to ASEAN countries, India, and Taiwan.
Lewis Chen avatar
Lewis Chen🏅 770

Strategic Partner and Business Development at Mindtronic AI

Taipei, Taiwan
Lewis Chen is now the Strategic Partner at Mindtronic AI, an AI company offering IP and design service needed for intelligent vehicles.
Wen Lu avatar
Wen Lu🏅 760

CAO at ActuaViz

Taipei, Taiwan


CEO at WillStudy

Taipei, Taiwan
2019-2020 Best Edtech Startup, Serving more than 2000+ Paying Users
Qiao Lin avatar
Qiao Lin🏅 740

Founder at Flaneur Access

New Taipei City, Taiwan
Bootstrapped SaaS founder working in a software company as a UX Designer. And also own a physical art bookstore for my future SaaS user customers and UX research. Hope to change the world through scaling reading and art's power.
Ellis Wang avatar
Ellis Wang🏅 740

HS specializes in the development of cutting-edge identification systems.

Taipei, Taiwan
In order to achieve the mission of excellence in identification technology, our long-term corporate vision is to become a "world-class intelligent imaging recognition pioneer.
leonid cheng avatar
leonid cheng🏅 740

Co-founder at Intersection Energy

taipei, Taiwan
Energy industry field over 10 years experience with backgounrd in tech, and lots of connection in Japan marketing,
Sarah hung avatar
Sarah hung🏅 740

Sales & Marketing, Product Manager in Electronic and Medical Company

Taichung, Taiwan
HJT founder. Before working as Sales & Marketing, Product Manager in Electronic and Medical Company. I am capable of building website, speaking several language and doing marketing strategy with promotion.
Daniel Johnson avatar
Daniel Johnson🏅 820Mentor

Growth Marketing for Startups

Taipei, Taiwan
Startup Growth Marketer | Past: Google Launchpad, Cambridge University Guest Speaker, Techstars + more | Public Speaker | Foodie | Get in Touch!
Pedro Albaladejo🏅 730

Founder at Ideambox

Taipei City, Taiwan
MBA + Industrial Engineer. Working experience across Europe, NA and Asia. Former Chief Engineer for Automotive OEM. Skilled Industrial Engineer with experience managing Engieering teams.
Danny Huang🏅 730

COO of P-Waver

Taipei, Taiwan
17 years in IT and Electrical company. Condultant for over 50 England based Star-ups
Vincent Li🏅 730

Co-founder at Termsoup. Lecturer of lean startup and pitching.

Taipei, Taiwan
Serial entrepreneur in SaaS with fund raising(US$1.5M) and exit experience. Author of two books. Lecture and mentor of lean startup methodology, pitching and business model.
Zen Huang🏅 730

Brand & Strategy Director for Bellwether Industries

Tainan, Taiwan
Brand & Strategy Director for Bellwether Industries. Feel free to reach out to me if you're interested in more information about us.
Kay Tseng avatar
Kay Tseng🏅 680

Film Producer

Taipei, Taiwan

Rob Eijgenraam avatar
Rob Eijgenraam🏅 680

Ex rocket internet, two time founder

Taipei, Taiwan

Frinny Lee avatar
Frinny Lee🏅 680

CEO at A.V. Mapping

Taipei, Taiwan

Eva Lai🏅 670

Product Marking / Designer

Taipei, Taiwan

ILING Wu🏅 670


Taipei, Taiwan

Ray Lai🏅 670

Biotech product

Taipei, Taiwan

Joseph Jiang🏅 670

Product Manager

Taipei, Taiwan

Bruce Huang🏅 650

A COO a tech-oriented start-up with passion to create APP (to B or to C).

Taipei, Taiwan
Software background ever worked in China, U.S, and Taiwan-based enterprises. Now lead a local INDEE content team to create a PC game; goal to publish it ( on Steams platform by 2022.
YuHao Lu avatar
YuHao Lu🏅 630

CEO & Funder at Nefitor

Taipei, Taiwan

Veronica Fang avatar
Veronica Fang🏅 630

Partnership and Project Manager

Taipei City, Taiwan

Willy Wu🏅 620

CEO at ActuaViz

Taipei, Taiwan

Jessie Lin🏅 590

Global Marketing Manager in Arcran

Taipei City, Taiwan

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