Your pitch is an essential tool to engage customers, as well as investors, employees, mentors, etc. It tells people why they should care about your business and want to learn more. Featured thought leader, David Mandell is co-founder and CEO of Pivot Desk (Techstars 2012, Acquired by SquareFoot), former managing director of global communication for Deloitte Consulting, and a Techstars EIR. His experiences have given him insight into great messaging and product positioning. In this module, David shares actionable insights on how to effectively communicate your business through your pitch and drive customers to your solution.

一個好的Pitch能夠成為吸引投資人,優秀人才、企業導師的宣傳工具,他可以快速的讓這些重要關係人了解你的產品或服務內容,並且吸引他們想要更深入的了解。David Mandell 是Pivot Desk的共同創辦人與執行長,過去也是Deloitte Consulting的高階經理人,擁有豐富國際溝通與產業經驗,過往的經驗讓他對於如何傳遞產品價值與服務定位有深刻見解,因此在這個章節中,David會來分享如何有效率地透過Pitch來與潛在客戶溝通,吸引他們來使用你的解決方案

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